Cash in API is used by businesses that would like to credit a certain amount of money to a given MFS(Mobile Financing Service) subscriber. When you are calling this API, you will pass required information (phone_number,amount,transactionid). Before you call this number, you have to ensure that you have enough money on your MFS(Mobile finance Service) merchant account that would be debited.

Parameters definition

Parameter Description
customer This is the phone number of the customer who is recieving money. example : 250720001111,250784835303,250733934393
amount Amount (value) the customer recieving, this value must be numeric. example : 5000
transactionid This is your payment reference, this can be your transaction id .
comment Reason why you are performing this transaction .

Sample request

The requets for this method is sent in the body of the request with Content-Type:application/json in the header. Please make sure this is a valid json otherwise this may not work.


HTTP Method : POST

      "amount": "500",
      "customer": "250788575522",
      "transactionid": "1231412af343343d",
      "comment":"JUST A COMMENT"

Sample successfully response

    "code": 200,
    "status": "OK",
    "transactionid" : "TXN-29293-191821",
    "description": "Transaction completed successfully"

Sample error response

    "code": 500,
    "status": "ERROR",
    "transactionid": "TXN5-78F7-D70B-1CAB",
    "description": "You are unable to perform this operation because transactionid has been used by you before."


It may happen that you don't have the response from Havanao, maybe due to the network issue, in that case you may want to know to what happened, to the transaction you have sent previous. you will need to use this api to check cash in status

URL :{your-transaction-id}?api_token={YOUR API TOKEN}

HTTP Method : GET


Sample response

       "code": 500,
       "status": "ERROR",
       "description": "Oops! Something went wrong on Havanao's end. We have already reported this to our engineers.",
       "transactionid": "TXN5-7B0E-9DA3-BB69"